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Coriolis Dance
Coriolis Dance2 weeks ago
food for thought
Coriolis Dance
Coriolis Dance with Natascha Greenwalt and 2 others.1 month ago
Day 1 of shooting for Welcome Home at our vacant house in First Hill. Wig prep and couch-sunning.
Coriolis Dance
Coriolis Dance with Cainan Martens and Hannah Simmons.1 month ago
What is Home an Obscure Kingdom an Opera Buffa It's You Always You is an assemblage series. And what is assemblage exactly? The term is generally applied to sculpture made with found objects--think of Joseph Cornell's shadow boxes or Rauschenberg's Odalisk--that project from a defined substrate. The objects projecting out from What is Home consist of dance films, photography, performance, and installation. Welcome Home, the most recent object filmed over this last weekend, is a dance film that is itself an assemblage of dance, film, opera, and poetry!

Do you have a favorite artist who has worked with the form of assemblage? Tell us in the comments!
Coriolis Dance
Coriolis Dance added 3 new photos.1 month ago
Christin is shooting for Welcome Home this weekend, a project facilitated by Seattle Demo Project. Footage from yesterday with Hannah Simmons and Sarah Davis.
Coriolis Dance
Coriolis Dance2 months ago
Christin's film Voluntary Caesura has been selected for STIFF, screening July 21st!
Coriolis Dance
Coriolis Dance with Marissa Quimby and Mariko Nagashima.2 months ago
Chase your dreams, you might catch them. Coriolis preparing for the La Figlia Residency, our first international foray as a company. Italy, here we come. Natascha Greenwalt and Christin Call